Shopping Cart coli…buy one, get one free!

20 Jun

What did the bacteria say to the handbag? “I’ll be bac!”

I can’t help but notice the massive contamination epidemic crazing our nation. It’s not because I might have a little germaphobia, I am just incredibly observant.. a little curious and downright nosey!
I like to look into the other people’s carts when shopping to see what they are buying. Time and time again, I see people placing their handbags, phones or grocery items in the baby seat. Having a baby, I can confirm that accidents do happen…and they happen right there in that area where people put those items. Things happen even with those baby cart covers. Now, for arguments sake, I seriously doubt after realizing your baby has had an accident your first thought is to clean it or to alert the store to clean it. “Um, excuse me, my baby seemed to have a little accident (as you wheel the cart across the store)you don’t mind cleaning it up for me, would you?”
Let’s not blame it all on babies! You don’t want to make them cry! I have seen raw meat sitting in carts, with it’s bloody juices leaking all about…touchdown for e.coli while salmonella tackles the cart! Mr.customer then places his groceries unknowingly on the surface and comes home to place his items in his refrigerator, counter or dinner table. Hypothetically,of course.
“salmonella- it’s what’s for dinner!” There are people that believe that being exposed to germs makes you stronger…but these are the wrong germs to be messing with. These are the germs of gastrointestinal warfare. So what can we do? Use those chemical wipes? Um, no! Just please think twice about putting your stuff in the baby seat, wash the bottom of your containers off before putting them on your counters or fridges with a little vinegar wipe or Clean Well wipe. (score a point for team clean!) If you really enjoy a good germ-fest, there are ten more germ-laden places to get your groove on than the average public washroom: cell phones, computer keyboard, doorknobs, escalator handrails, elevator buttons, atm buttons, gas pump and public restroom doors, flushers and faucets!

On an important note: Know that hand sanitizers are not a substitute for soap and water. Some studies suggest that ultra-clean, ultra-hygienic environments early in life may contribute to higher levels of inflammation as an adult, which in turn increases risks for a wide range of diseases. Some also say that using the hand sanitizers reduced 59% disease. I say, keep some “on hand” no pun intended! You just never know and use it whenever you can’t make it to a sink or the sink is so disgusting that you wouldn’t touch it with a rubber glove! Whatever you do, choose one like Clean Well, the brand that doesn’t have triclosan (a pesticide),artificial fragrances(pthalates) parabens, or benzalklonium chloride. It is also kid safe regarding poisoning and ingestion risk. They also make soaps and wipes.

p.s. Clean Well did not contribute to this article in any way. I just love them because they are supporters of Healthy Child Healthy World and believe in making the world a better place without using the bad stuff!


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