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5 Feb

Well it is about time I start sharing all the things I have been studying! I have been talking about writing this blog for the longest time more than Billy Joel ; )
My goal is to show anyone out there that there are safer products you can use and things to buy for your babies and children.
Why is this so important?
Because lots of companies do things that aren’t right. Some put bad chemicals in their products because it’s cheaper to make and they get more of a profit. A lot of people assume the FDA is there to protect us but sadly, they are not.

The facts are:
Babies and children do not have the ability to filter out toxins like adults.
Babies and children are constantly putting things, especially hands in their mouths, which in turn goes into their bodies.
Europe has banned things that the US allows. hmmmmm….
A lot of companies lie about their products or will say it doesn’t have something in it, but has a bunch of other stuff that is toxic in it. It’s important to be a savvy shopper!
There has been an increase in childhood diseases and thousands of untested chemicals- do you see a connection? It’s better to be safe than sorry! What do you have to lose?

Here are some things I will be writing about in my blog:

-toxins in skincare products for babies and children – which chemcials are bad and why

-lead, cadmium,pvc,pthalates,chlorine,mercury,bromine and bpa can be found in a lot of products and toys for babies and children- I will explain why these are bad and safe things you can buy instead

-healthy choices, which produce to buy organic and why


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